WEEK TWO: Adding to the Menu

My favorite thing about the last week is how I feel.  I never walk away from meals feeling sluggish or heavy.  I feel bright and clear-minded, and I have more energy than I did, which is a blessed relief (I used to skip my kids’ baths simply because I didn’t feel equipped to lean over the tub to wash them.)

That said, it took until Day Five for my headaches to fully subside (which they have, thankfully) and my wicked cravings to dissipate.  I knew I was over the hump when I enjoyed lunch at Fuddruckers with a friend and wasn’t tempted to order a burger–sincerely, I was perfectly happy with my delicious salad.  The same night, my kids were invited to Pappy Helman’s for his amazing milkshakes, and Nick and I both commented later that it was easy—surprisingly so—to help our kiddos with their shakes and not enjoy some ourselves.  If you follow my Facebook feed, you know my once single-minded affection for milkshakes—this should give you some measurement of how differently our bodies are signalling these days.  I didn’t even mind my kids downing an adult-sized shake: they have had a wonderful diet all week, so this detour was easily absorbed.

A sample shot of my groceries in the checkout line yesterday.

I’m careful to avoid thinking about this season as some sort of dietary revolution in our lives.  I have no idea how long we will persist, and I say this openly because I have learned that I like the idea of big grandiose movements—but that I fizzle out because I over-commit.  So it’s one day at a time in this house—less because of our enthusiasm, and more because I simply want room to know my own mind.

In related news, the scale also seems to agree with our week:  I’m down seven pounds (yes, that’s seven pounds in seven days.)  Obviously, I do not anticipate this to continue at this pace.  Weight loss wasn’t the motivator for this change, but it is an additional nod of encouragement.

This week we are continuing to expand: in addition to a plant-heavy menu, we’ll add in nuts, eggs, beans and seeds.  I have been using almond milk already, as well as coconut oil, coconut milk and even little bits of EVOO (as I have no intention to waste groceries I’ve already bought.)

I also need to note that I’m really thankful for Aldi’s.  I was a snob about it for a long time, but I’ve now joined the savvy.  It’s significantly less expensive than any of the area groceries.  I’ve also been gathering some new ingredients via Vitacost and Amazon.  I’m not sure how many of these items I’ll continue to use, as I will need to come to an understanding of their practicality and versatility.  These items include: palm oil, bleached almond flour, coconut crystals, and cacao butter.  I also discovered Amazon to be the cheapest price (I’ve found, so far) for cashews.  $5-$6 per pound!

So on we go–Day 1 of Week 2!


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