kol: With Everything


You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. – Jeremiah

With a thundering, weeping heart, I am crying out to you, that the days of counterfeit between you and Me would end.

Oh Beloved, I know what I placed within you. I know how deeply you go, for You are seated in Me, and I am without end.

I am the Prize. I am Worthy. I am the Mercy Seat of every hope, the Hope of your every breath, the Breath of your spirit.

I will not make this easy, for My ruach shudders within your lungs. You are worthy to rise up. Resistance is not futile; it is the kindling spark that will transform your potential fibers into kinetic sons. I tarry for the day your eyes and heart are made clear in Me and made of service to you.

You are worthy to set all side, all of it. All that sets itself up as priority over Me. All that silently steals from My Beloved, making the blood in your veins–MY blood–as though it were merely water.

I am not angry with You, if you feel as though I am shouting. But the noise, the glaring adoring clamors of your lovers, has your attention and torments you with the listless battles with old foes, long defeated. Your head is low, your faith low, your spine curved. Son! Look into Me. Let me set my eternal fire upon you.

Until you come away into Me and make your committed hunger of Me, you will never walk in who you are. You cannot be you until you are seated in Me.  May the world not be robbed of My perfection of you. What you have settled for insults what you are Meant for. There is no shame in Me, no condemnation, and I do not guilt you. Hear only the invitation of Love, hear the unrelenting, piercing Truth that calls You into the Light.

Search for Me with all of your heart. Search! With all. kol: The Whole. Everything. Crowned as supreme in the core of you.

Come away. Come away. Let me show You all of me–it is destined for You, just as all of You is mine. I am jealous that I would be relegated to jurisdictions of you, when my appetite for YOU mirrors the one you must have for me.

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