From the Rafters: “I Want To Be Reborn!”

Open your spirit to me for a minute, because I’m about to go Twilight on you. I promise it will be brief, and worth it.

Last week, when I taught Bible Study, I shared that I was awakened to how brokenhearted the Father is at our double-mindedness. I feel this way still, and it is only increasing. This morning I remembered this portion of Breaking Dawn and it demonstrates this so beautifully. Take most of what you know about the actual subject matter and discard it. Let’s look at this anew.

In the beginning (of the video clip, below), the woman is emaciated and broken. Her bones are broken in hundreds of places, her body a mere shell of any version of life. She cannot function in power, she is barely breathing, and in any realm of consciousness, she would be in extravagant suffering. She is sleeping, or in some version of a coma or death, (nekros: destitute of force or power, inactive, inoperative). In her weakness, she has no choice but to succumb to the circumstances around her. There is no vitality in her, though you can tell her design is one of great beauty.

This is the picture of  life in the flesh, “death”, or diminished existence, that many of us have accepted as our reality. It is the unavoidable result of our fear and unwillingness to be all in with Who He Says We Are. It is a picture of the Truth we are unable to see, because our lies feel real. If this woman were attached to medical equipment, her monitors might measure blips or pulses that hint at life, just as all who sometimes dabble in Walking, in Life.  Blips and pulses, beeps and signals of life are not life, but the exhilarating indication that the hope for life is present.

What you begin to observe is that this woman is changing, being reborn.  This is often a different moment than when we first come to the essential encounter of belief that Jesus is Who He Is.  You begin to see the rising dawn of Life and His evidence.

Because she is His, because her members are entirely responding to the invitation of her Father, she is being born again. Gennao Anothen: from a different origin, to rise from a higher place, with a change of output. In other words, everything she once was, everything rooted in mere humanity, her limitations and former perspectives, her half-life, all of it, wholly accepts the invitation to be renewed and transformed.

Bones, broken and crushed, are reknit and connected.  Wounds and scars are absorbed into the body.  Emaciated starvation is transformed into vitality.  Disfunction and disorder are entirely erased.  Color and personality, uniqueness, identity, arrives, unapologetically and genuinely.  Living water rushes through every pore, every vein, every cell, dismissing any hint of the former shell.  It is as though her members begin to glow.  The eyes open, and for the first time, they finally see.  Observe:

And then she opens her eyes. Operating for the first time as she was always meant to, alive in the Spirit. Everything about her is different. Her heartbeat, her appetites, her priorities, her life span, her resources–everything has entirely changed. She is absolutely reborn, as from an entirely different origin. Everything that comes from her is strength, is life, but redefined. Nothing about her obeys society or its rules. She operates entirely outside the existing system, yet within it.

I can hear Him calling you.  It’s getting so loud my ears are throbbing.

One more thought: in Galatians 5, Paul unceremoniously disposes of one of our most affectionate, esteemed lies: that we can somehow harmoniously and conveniently coexist between these polar conditions however it might most suit us. Sometimes flesh, sometimes Spirit.…sometimes old, sometimes new…as though we are somehow entitled to the rights and privileges of a Kingdom Heir without the full weight and cost of it.

We dabble sometimes, a random prophetic attempt or act of financial generosity, acutely aware that our carefully molded performance, which by all calculations should fit, just doesn’t. We lose heart, convinced an invisible system of hierarchy is working against us.

But guys, the invitation of rebirth is present within you.  It is the soundtrack of your spirit, and you can hear it, louder and louder until nothing can drown it out.  Papa has been watching for you, specifically, all of your life.  He is in single-minded pursuit of you.

For some of you, so much time is spent balancing between conflicting systems that your wounds constantly require attention.  Am I really important?  Am I really accepted, loved, welcome?  Are you sure I don’t belong in the back row?  I’m beautiful?  My words and decisions matter?  You can’t really intend for me to actually play a role?

It is your rebirth–the complete and total Jesus renovation of your spirit and resulting life–that puts the final nails in the coffin that constantly forces you into retreat when you’re meant to press forward.  There is no longer anything within your spirit for the flesh of your past to cling.

The purpose of this post is to make you so agitated, so hungry, so finally done with the fence that you get angry, or broken, or willing, to have a real heart-to-heart with the Daddy who loves you.  Notice I didn’t say “go to your pastor” or “come talk to me,” because this rebirth, this born again, this brand new, this kingdom initiation, is between Him and you.  You no longer require a translator or a mediator or a tutor.  Run in, right into Him, boldly and without contingencies, and from the rafters, let your spirit scream:

Abba!  I belong to You!  I want to be reborn!

It’s time, Beloved.  The fence is not your throne.  Turn off the TV or the phone, shut down your crazy distracting schedule (because you can, you’re the boss.  If you can’t alter your schedule, you’re not a king.)  Stop running.  It’s time to let yourself be caught by your Father, transformed in His Presence, made new, set on your feet,

and mobilized.

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