Let Go, My Soul!

let go, my soul

A song of ascents rises from me,

to lift up, to bear up my spirit,
that I be swept away from my low places
in the revelation of Him,
in my deliberate trust of Who He Is.

I lift my eyes to the mountains
from my low place
where the tears have made my eyes red
and my identity has grown dim.
When will my Helper come?
The One who will bring relief for my distress?
The Friendship for my suffocating loneliness?

Yahweh is He, Maker of all. My Maker.
I AM, everywhere, here.
Invited and enduring,
brooding upon me in my low place
to bring into life that which required my pregnancy
and the travail of delivery.

In my deepest place I cried for His fullness,
and in His honor of my heart,
the one after His,
He submitted me to the valley
the same wilderness into which The Firstborn was compelled.

In my distress and struggle
in my humanity
I too cried from my cross “My God! Why have you forsaken me?”
With the same heart as Jesus,
who stayed there, resisting the ready rescue of angels,
that the whole work be completed
the full victory finished.

He will not permit my foot to be moved
He Who Watches Over Me will not slumber
He Who Chose Me never fails in His attention of me.
He is alert and awake within Me, upon Me.

The conditions of the valley have not changed.
In fact, my human eyes see only hopelessness.
Reality seems bleak and short on options.
But within me, there is Only Hope.
The timbre of this heart,
the atmosphere of this spirit,
is trust.

YHWH will guard me from every evil.
The totality of any malignancy, sadness, or misery
is dissolved in His watch over me.
He is my home
where the hardness of my heart is gently softened,
breathed to life,
as each place adopts the truth that
He protects my soul.

I have not been forsaken.
I am being raised up.

Yahweh, Jehovah.
Guardian and protector of my broken heart.
Caretaker of my pieces.
I will not lift one foot from this valley.
I trust you.
I believe You are a finisher
and that you’re transforming me.

Steady on. Let go, my soul.
I trust You.
Change this tent into a Spirit house.
If You must, overturn every stone,
and may the earth shake on the day when you proclaim
with the proud heart of a daddy

…Through it all, through it all
My eyes are on You
and it is well with me.
Far be it from me to not believe
even when my eyes can’t see.
So let go, my soul, and trust in Him…

– It is Well, Kristine DeMarco (full song below)



{Some of the italicized portions gleaned from Psalm 121.}

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