Today’s Gospel

even on my bad days,
and I do have bad days,
I am loved.
it doesn’t matter how many voices are screaming lies
if that One Voice is still the Truth of me.

from that place,
this daughter has one theme.
Only one phrase rises from the heart,
past the shaking frustration and anger,
and through the lips that refuse all
but one sound,
and grace pulls it from the wreckage:

“I Trust.”

From there,
all of my father is available.
Not only available,
but rushing towards me as though borne on chariots of wind.

That is the gospel according to me today.
That IS Jesus, alive, in my story, in my life.
This wasn’t a good day,
but He was glorified in the fire of me.

May the cross be not only FOR me,
but also the fuel that ignites the fire withIN me.

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