Make Plain My Presence

I was thinking… Comparison is a detour that consumes your confidence. You cannot face it like a normal foe because it lacks any eyes for vision. Its voice is stealthy but carries the odd hiss of desperation. It is foolish in its calculations, using unequal equations and weak logic.
Comparison does not know who YOU are, because it has conveniently omitted everything about His heart and jealous desire for you. YOU. It insinuates that your value is at risk and blurs your innate need to be seen.
Comparison lies.

But then He interrupted me: “So what, Son? You have identified a new liar? No, remember that your vulnerability to any lie comes from the absence of your awareness of Me in every fiber of you.

You are called to dwell in the Authentic, to reveal and magnetize all mankind into Me. Do You hear and see how My Presence echoes in your chest? I AM TRUTH. I AM VICTORY. From not just today’s battle and struggle, but of all.

It is a lesser thing to reveal the symptoms of My absence. But when you make plain My PRESENCE… I am revealed, MY fullness is made visible!”

Today: do NOT focus on the counterfeit. In every moment, give your full attention to the Authentic One.

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