A Story that Sharpens Iron

Today, we are a strategically-placed story.
Me, exactly as I really am in this place, is all that is required.

My presence will not always make people feel good–sometimes my real will kindle their temper or bring their ugly (or mine) to the forefront.

It is right that something of me will react against something in you.

We do not accept silent tolerance or judgmental grudges in those places,
instead iron must sharpen iron.

The fairytale of unity is mispainted; instead, unity is the decided alliance of brothers in the very presence of all that would divide them. Cling to those whose love may cut you and reveal yourself in gentle bravery. In the void of our perfection, His is made perfectly plain.

To curtail who you are in the effort to avoid hurting others is to miss the point entirely. Rise up.

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