A Fragrance of Thank You

For one minute,
think of the three people you most deeply respect.
Think of the characteristics and behaviors they have modeled to bring you to this profound opinion of them.

Now consider the process that must have been required for such fruit to come from their life.
Imagine how they must have gleaned such wisdom.
Perceive why they might have such great compassion for your wound.

Most likely, your benefit of them costs them far more than you could ever imagine. More likely, the process persists, and their daily faithfulness includes a heavy mantle of self-sacrifice.

Usually those around them, those who love them best, must sacrifice as well.

Now go, and be of service there. Encourage. Love. Give them a freaking break. See beyond your need. Give back to them. See through their seasoned bravery. Say thank you with your life. Put your heart into motion that honors their investment in you.

Perhaps your gentle gift, being one of the ten who returns to say thank you, will be oil upon their tired, worthy heads, the salve of ministry to blistered hands and feet.

May the heroes of our lives receive more than verbal homage and the reputation of legends. This is not what their hearts cry out for. May they be blessed to see the fruit within all they spend themselves for. May their spilled-out lives be a fragrance we never waste.

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