When Jesus Calls: August Meyers

Meet my dear sister, August.
She might as well be. She’s my Jesus sister. I’ve adopted her.

August Meyers

This talk from her, “When Jesus Calls”, had me from the very first minute. I made time finally to listen to it today and I just need to provide you with an opportunity to do the same.

What Christ offered me was a complete, unequal exchange. Within that moment, I truly, truly felt free. Like everything had been completely wiped: clear, clean…

When I became a believer, I put on false humility.  I put it on like this beautiful robe.  I cleaned up the outside but I walked around in false humility that told me that I needed to remain at the foot of the Christ, because the devils that I dealt with were bigger than my God-given identity.  You think you need to be back there, sitting at the foot of the cross, in your brokenness…

But I don’t need to strive any longer to create an identity.  I need to walk from one side of the cross to the other, and step into the identity that Jesus has given me.  We need to make a decision: are we going to relate to the life of a sinner, or are we going to relate to the life of a saint?  When I relate to myself as a sinner, that’s exactly what I end up doing, over and over again.  We can dress it up, make it look nice.  But it still attaches itself to us and permeates our thoughts, our actions, our heart, everything… 

I needed to go before the Lord and honestly assess myself.  I needed to make choices to step out of law and step into grace, to exit religion and enter into relationship.  The only way I know to fully do that is to fully believe, again and again, that I am dead to sin.  Jesus has already paid the price.  Realizing that my testimony is NOT who August used to be; my testimony is who He is in me, who I am allowing myself to become as a daughter outside my works.  

Please, I have no greater gift to offer you today but to share her with you. 

Here’s the blog post of her thoughts: http://rooted4life.com/2014/08/22/jesus-calls/

and here’s the YouTube link of her talk:

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