You Have Been Mine–Come Up Here!


You have been Mine.
It is not “Father, come close to me so I can feel all the feels.”  Your awareness of My Presence in you will not be sustained on goosebumps and prophetic words.
Come to Me in Spirit and in truth. I will teach you. Let your heart cry:  “Turn my heart to Your face! I know You live in me!” For I have said so. If I feel far away, walk through those emotions by following My voice. I will not leave you blind, without a guide. I do not delay. Do you trust Me to mean what I say?

You have been Mine.
It is not “here I am, Father. You now have permission.”
I made you, Beloved. Whether or not you yield to Me, I will always ache for you. I will always look at you and feel possession, so aware of the blueprint of Myself upon you.

You have been Mine.
I am jealous for your attention. Here within your heart, I see all the expensive whores you cast yourself upon and I bleed that you would see My beauty, My glory. I know that as soon as you see Me, you will see who you are. These cheap tricks, all these plastic illusions, all the imitations—they pale in the shadow of us—you and Me.

You have been Mine.
You. I know it has become sexy to declare yourself independent from all expectation, all responsibility, all weight, in the proclamation that you, just as you are, is enough. And for the babes, that is true. But I am not forever satisfied with your mere existence; indeed, do not even the lost float from edge to edge of their flesh?
No, there is higher for you. My call of you is upward and weighty, but that which you are beautifully created to bear. You must grow up, Baby. Even now your limbs are stretching, aching for muscle to fortify your potential. Develop. Try. Fail. Cry—I am here. Read to the blueprint I laid upon your soul and build it!
Now. You have remained here long enough.

The way it has always been done has expired. Bring Me your hesitations and I will show you their flimsy pallor. Bring Me all those you fear for or are afraid of; I will make you brave and help you lead. I have not given you a title, that you be saddled with a burdensome role; I have given you My name and My authority, that you could bring freedom and transformation to stale, fruitless soil.

I am the Father of change. Just because I am fully trustworthy, entirely faithful, and your Sustained Breath, do not assume I do not move. I am the Author of Life, a substance that is always in movement. Does not your heart beat, your skin recycle, your joints bend, your lungs expand? Come up here—see what I see. Come up here—hear what I hear. Come up here—and become!
You have been Mine.

You have been Mine.
Believe in you and Me. Walk out that belief bravely, and you will see My truth become reality—I am the Living Breath that turns stone into spirit.

You have been Mine. Come up here with Me.

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