Wild Rest

Women, there is no rest for you in your emotions. They are a merciless, endless parade of reactionary, triggered impulses that you cannot live within. One minute you’re up, the next, you’re low. This is not abundant life.

In a rare, clear moment, it plays as a movie in your mind:
You see yourself astride the flashy carousel of dancing horses, their painted shiny faces devoid of breath, steel rods through their spines.
Around, and around, and around you go,
the same tin song piercing your vibrant blueprint and driving you mad.

Oh beloved, do you hear My heart aching that you would be brave,
that you would take one look into Me and trust Me completely?
Trust Me forever?
For I have laid before you endless acres of territory…

There is within you the invitation. Just outside the carousel gate, awaiting.
He is magnificent.
You bite your lip: do you dare?

Almost of impulse, you leap upon the broad-shouldered steed, bareback.
And you let Him have His head.
There are no reins in this mouth that you might attempt to control Him.
Is that the mane of a horse, or that of a Lion?

He carries you through the wind and cloud, over hills and valleys, your hair flying behind you. The canned, artificial chime of the old way fades away as He puts miles between you and the impostor life. You feel His heartbeat radiating through your womb, and real femininity forms in your spirit.  You become truly beautiful, almost other-worldly, sourced from Living Bread and Water. You glide as one unit, no longer gripping His mane in fear. You find yourself along still waters and calm meadows, even as all around you see the perimeter of black storm.

But it cannot touch you. It tries, with long jointed fingers that reach into your very soul. It grabs and threatens and shakes.
But not even the gates of hell have power against you. You and Him.
You laugh. He laughs because He likes your laugh.

…and she laughs without fear of the future…

This is the true rest, the true rooted abundant life of Jesus. It is freely available, and yet so few risk it.
Why doth thy gated carousel feel so safe, Wild One?

Come out here, into the wild with Me, lest the carousel lull you into tormented sleep. Let Me light you up.

Venture out into the brave, quiet Truth of all He is and has said to you and about you. From this dwelling place, there is resource, strength and courage for every moment. There is freedom from the aching, endless mental wheel. There is clarity to see the crouching snakes, coiled behind each shadow, their bellies and faces full of dust.

Ahh, yes, serpent. You have spoken before. Your face of dust reveals your eternal sentence. I have no time for you.

Rise up, daughter of the Lord. Strap courage across your breasts and make eye contact with all that you once feared.
Do you feel that steadfast gold rising up from deep within?
Take that to the bank, and withdraw unending faith, strong faith, and give it your voice, your feet, your heart.
Withhold nothing. Do not shrink back, do not posture command or demand, do not overthink it: simply dwell and move in the absolute confidence that He is, and that you are In Him.

Oh, beloved, I see you. Do you see the sweat on My brow, My labored breath?
I have been pursuing you.
I have ached that you would say My name, take My name, and tuck yourself entirely within Me.

Rest, Daughter.
Bring all that you feel into submission to His Narrow Way, His Truth of Freedom, His Life, Abundant. Intentionally turn your carousel mind to His simple perspective and allow complexity to reveal its foolishness.
Rest into that great big chest and breathe free–
you are,
and have always been,
cradled safely there–at Home.

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