All The Way Through

Imagine for a moment that your heart is imprinted with the marks of the earth. As though the globe itself is laid upon it, with all kinds of habitats.

Some of your heart is covered in lush forests and deep ocean. Some of it is covered with mountain tops and valleys. Some areas of plains. Some ice. Some desert.

The Father is at work in the world of your heart, more able to access and transform in some places that others, because of your openness to Him. Sometimes we defend our hard, arid places, unwilling to reveal them.

But as one area of my life is renewed and transformed, as it tastes the Spirit and real freedom, another area of me watches wistfully, and finally cries out: “Me too! Father, come over here too!”

The evidence of His life in one place of me makes me brave for more, regardless of the path it requires.

For me, “all the way through” has become the cry of jealousy.
It’s the open hunger of the areas of me that aren’t yet what they will be.

All-the-way-through is almost inevitable for true sons, because the Spirit whets our appetite for everything the Father sees. Our flesh holds no attraction in comparison: once you’ve felt Him transform a desert into Eden, all-the-way-through is not just a goal or a wish. It’s your birthright.

2 thoughts on “All The Way Through”

  1. So good to see you today! I really enjoy your inspirational writing. I know with all the demands of family, it is hard to write, but keep it up!

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