Home: The Most Powerful Seat On Earth

God established parenting before sin entered into the world. “Be fruitful…multiply!”

To me, this means our ultimate endeavor in parenting is not to instill a set of mechanisms that manage sin, but training up each child as a unique individual who powerfully understands and wields the unique and finished work of Jesus. 

This triggers a ripple effect: generations of families who are truly free and pure, operating by the law of love, boldly ruling well by the Spirit. 

This makes parenting a passionate, powerful, exhilarating adventure. Any seduction of sin in us or our kids is overcome by the nature of the Father practiced actively and transparently in the family unit. 

We do not fear sin and we do not fall into sin prevention strategies. We watch it lose hold of us as relationship with Jesus takes preeminence. We repent and deal with thoughts and appetites and practices that fall short. Sin holds no power, has no foothold, in our home and shared life. Rather, we find that even sin reminds us that we prefer to live in the freedom we have tasted, rather than chained in suffocating slavery. All roads lead home. 

Parenting establishes the Kingdom of Christ, in purity and practice, at the most powerful seat on earth: AT HOME.

Basically–our best parenting is done when aligned to the genesis heart of our Perfect Father for family. We walk bravely, firmly rooted in the reality that Jesus fully redeemed what Man could never repair, and that our children are made to walk side by side with us in reclaiming the wild land. We trust our kids and empower strong identities and good decisions. We prize love and its ability to put every broken pattern into order. If we fear sin and what the world might expose our children to, we are thinking too small. We fear no evil, for He is with us. The Light in us dissolves all darkness. 

We are the parents of the Kingdom, kings aligned to the King, multiplying, filling the earth, subduing it. We are presiding over homes of reconciliation, righteousness, peace and joy, growing strong and working out the kinks. There ARE kinks, but we are not caught behind them. We do not become tangled in the weeds. 

To parent is mighty work. It is holy work. It’s important we understand the stakes, and the glorious possibilities. 

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