Hey, Are you Getting This?

I asked Him to fill it. I asked Him to be my source for it. And then I fell asleep.

Last night in bed, I read for a while and then turned out the light. The cool dark settled around me as my heart turned to talk to Dad.

I had been sort of wrestling all day, in a place I didn’t really understand. He already knew, but I’ve learned to trust how He restrains Himself to encounter me, letting me reveal myself. He’s such a gentleman and makes no assumptions about us.

His Presence was renewing and I took delight in His attention. I was honest about my heart and asked for a pretty specific thing–not stuff, but supply for an empty place in my heart.

I asked Him to fill it. I asked Him to be my source for it. And then I fell asleep.

This morning, I honestly didn’t give any thought to the empty thing in me. That’s the thing about giving an empty thing to a Faithful Father: His heart is to fill us. His heart is to perfectly complete us. When we know His nature and goodness, we can pay Him the compliment of drawing upon His goodness–waiting confidently in steady trust. It’s faith of sweet aroma to Him.

what man is there among you who, when his son asks for a bread, will give him a stone?…If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him…  (Matt 7:9-11)

I went about my day in the regular routine. But a moment came mid-morning when I heard Him whisper to me Hey, are you getting this?

And my head sort of popped up–Huh?–not sure what He meant. I was sort of preoccupied in the groove of busy-ness. But immediately to mind came my prayer for supply for that very specific thing. I looked around at the moment I was in, the conversation I was part of, and the people I was sharing it with. And suddenly I understood.

In that moment, He had pieced together an unlikely moment of perfect supply. It was so seamlessly provided that it was almost hidden within what seemed to be an ordinary conversation. I had almost missed it, so neatly packaged. And it wasn’t at all what I had pictured when I prayed. But there it was–rather, there He was, holding out bread for the vacant place I had brought to Him.

I smiled so wide, and I knew He was too. I felt Him take delight in being again discovered as perfectly faithful, in being Himself for me.

Seek Me…You’re gonna find Me.
Ask me…You can’t make Me weary. – (Matt 7, paraphrased by Jess Ray)

Let’s ask Him, brave and honest and open. And then let’s trust Him in the space between the empty and the full. He’s perfectly faithful. He is perfectly good.

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