365 Archive: August 2020

365 Day 158: August 31, 2020

Oh, the grace of Jesus. I just cannot rip my eyes away from His perfect grace. I am in awe to be so fueled by such love… Wonderful the matchless Grace of Jesus,the matchless Grace of Jesus,Deeper than the mighty rolling sea;the rolling sea;Wonderful Grace, all sufficient for me, for evenHigher than the mountain, sparkling … Continue reading “365 Day 158: August 31, 2020”

365 Day 157: August 30, 2020

Simple thoughts from today, and a brief personal example of how we can destroy our own progress. Love you all.

365 Day 156: August 29, 2020

Is it weird to have a panic attack when you get time to yourself and you aren’t sure you can actually handle it? Not, like, really.

365 Day 155: August 28, 2020

Imagine the respect our Father shows us: we are the masterpiece of His creation, expressions of Himself, endowed with every possible capacity. And yet, we are treated with such respect that we are allowed to look all of His beautiful character in the eye and still choose unbelief. We have the right to walk away … Continue reading “365 Day 155: August 28, 2020”

365 Day 154: August 27, 2020

In the middle of my day, it can be hard to lay aside the practical to rediscover the deep wells that are so easy to find in my quiet moments alone with the Lord. Yet, here I try, purposefully pushing deep into the concepts of the Lord smack middle of a Thursday afternoon.

365 Day 153: August 26, 2020

I can be productive and present at the same time. I mean, currently it’s a bit of a brain bleed but I’m confident that somewhere in Jesus there is capacity for true community in the midst of all the necessary. And I may suck at it for long time, I’m going to practice on purpose, … Continue reading “365 Day 153: August 26, 2020”

365 Day 152: August 25, 2020

After two of the most fulfilling days in recent history, I’m tanked! But the Lord is doing some beautiful work, and I can’t help talking about it! Blessings to you all tonight!

365 Day 151: August 24, 2020

Today was an incredibly rewarding day. I’m entirely drained, but still so full! There’s such an urgency building up in my heart, an irrepressible optimism of anticipation.

365 Day 148: August 21, 2020

There is a lot of wisdom and knowledge and best practices in the world. But how do you feel when you know there’s something you should do, be, or feel—but you just aren’t there, for whatever reason? It’s a useless mind-game of weakness and anxiety. Do you know who gets to tell you when something … Continue reading “365 Day 148: August 21, 2020”

365 Day 147: August 20, 2020

“through fear of death became subject to slavery all their lives.” Ooph. Is that a gut-punch for anyone else?

365 Day 146: August 19, 2020

A sore throat (don’t worry, no fever or anything else, I promise!) has been making 12-hour rounds around our house and this afternoon, it hit me. I’m betting I’ll be fine by morning, but right now, words are out of the question. But in other news, I went through Dax’s full daily curriculum today and … Continue reading “365 Day 146: August 19, 2020”

365 Day 145: August 18, 2020

Dax taught me what it means to fix your eyes. And honestly, it’s far more unnerving than I ever realized. When your eyes are fixed, do you even blink?

365 Day 142: August 15, 2020

Take Him at His word—like, no really. It’s the most important thing we have, that collection of quiet, personal things He says to us.

365 Day 141: August 14, 2020

Please forgive this departure, in which I share some homeschool organization ideas I’ve developed for this year. I’m pretty excited about them and I’ve put a lot of time into them, so I just wanted to take a day to share.

365 Day 133: August 6, 2020

Another video on another Lowes trip. Also, I love people of excellence. In other news, another room is complete and clean!

365 Day 130: August 3, 2020

On trafficking, the victimizers, and why I keep catching myself praying for them.

365 Day 129: August 2, 2020

Freedom, in its most essential form, will always require courage, responsibility, and investment.

365 Day 128: August 1, 2020

It can be tempting to interfere. But often, though not always, with-ness is more valuable than input.

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