365 Day 161: September 3, 2020

So in the name of being honest, this is the only video I got recorded today. I got interrupted and didn’t really like what I was saying so I just stopped–but never went back to it. So you may just want to skip today. I am posting in name only, both in transparency and genuine weakness. It is what it is.

365 Day 160: September 2, 2020

I originally recorded this one under an inspiration to post it on Facebook, but then, that impulse soured. Right or wrong, I’m putting it here in the insecure hope I’m not essentially hiding the light in my heart in an obscure place. If it only blesses you, it will be well worth it. All the blessings of my heart to you today, in every detail of your life.

Note: Our family will be camping over Labor Day weekend, beginning tomorrow—so it’s likely I’ll be limited on my ability to post my videos during that time. Often, internet at campgrounds is sketchy or slow. If that’s the case, I’ll find a way to post when I get home.

365 Day 159: September 1, 2020

The standard of excellence seems like a punishing performance or an impossible expectation when we have the mentality that we have been abandoned to perform its requirements. We resent excellent standards under those conditions. But the standard, and the journey towards it, require presence and fellowship. Jesus can call us to perfection–a seemingly impossible standard–because he never leaves us. He rightly discerns our hearts, and the motives and substance within it. He compounds love and grace and discipline towards us. Excellence is possible when presence is consistent.