Relearning How To Pray

There is one phrase that bubbles out of me, from the core of me, constantly.  It expresses my whole heart, the paradigm in which I think and make decisions, the thing that motivates me beyond energy or skill.  If I have a personal motto, a vision statement, it is this:  that the full work of [...]

Two Places At Once

Father, I feel my heart yearning to be with you.  I… “Mommy, I want some juice.” “We can have juice at lunch time.  Go play.” I feel my heart yearning to be with you.  How I adore you!  Can you teach me… “Can I have some milk?” “We will get a drink at lunchtime. When [...]

Healing: A Prayer

"Holy Spirit" (Bryan & Katie Torwalt) from Lucas Barrientes on Vimeo. Holy Spirit, You are welcome here.   Especially while my children are hitting themselves with metal Thomas trains and squealing at each other.  They have yo-yoed from happy shrieks to raging war about three times this morning so far and if the pendulum should [...]